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Aldwych Consulting offer a comprehensive suite of training services for both candidates and clients.
Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations with the skills and insights needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of hiring and career development.
From Interview Training and CV Writing to Hiring, Profiling, and Management, our expertly crafted programmes cover every facet of the recruitment process.
Whether you're a candidate aiming to excel in interviews and craft a standout CV or an organisation seeking to enhance your team's hiring and management capabilities, we are your dedicated partner in unlocking potential and fostering excellence.
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    The strength of your team begins with the effectiveness of your hiring process. Our mission is to empower you to strategically select and nurture top-tier talent. We offer specialised training programmes that elevate your team's interviewing skills, transforming your hiring process into a strategic advantage.

    • Tailored Interviewer Training Programme

    • Strategic Interviewing Techniques

    • Cultural Fit Assessment

    • Effective Communication Skills

    • Feedback and Decision-Making

    • Mock Interview Simulations

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    Our Interview Mastery Programme goes beyond the conventional tips and tricks, offering candidates a deep dive into the art of effective communication, body language, and situational awareness.

    We believe that every candidate has a unique story to tell, and our programme ensures they do so with authenticity and impact.

    • Effective Communication Skills.

    • Situational Awareness and Adaptability.

    • Body Language and Professional Etiquette.

    • Research and Preparation.

    • Mock Interview Session.

    • Continuous Improvement and Feedback.

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    We understand that your CV is more than a document; it's your personal marketing tool. In this training, we guide you through crafting a compelling CV that not only showcases your skills and achievements but also aligns seamlessly with your career aspirations.

    • Showcasing Work Experience

    • Highlighting Skills and Achievements

    • Tailoring for Targeted Positions

    • Professional Formatting and Design

    • Effective Language and Tone

    • Online Presence and Linkedln Optimisation.

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    If you are an employer looking to hire great talent, having an effective and robust process is essential.

    Our training programme is tailor-made to address the key areas that can transform your hiring process and result in a more diverse, skilled, and motivated workforce.​

    • Competency Based Questioning​

    • Promoting your Employee Value Proposition

    • Inclusive Hiring

    • Onboarding & Retention​

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    To complement your hiring process, i3 Profiling provides insight into a candidate's natural strengths, work styles, and ideal productive environments. This allows us to identify what motivates a candidate, how they prefer to communicate and collaborate, what environments they thrive in, and any potential areas of development.​

    ​i3 Team Dynamix is a tool that can be used with new and existing teams to improve communication, leadership development, collaboration and overall effectiveness.​

    • Identifying ideal role profiles

    • i3 Recruit profiles

    • i3 Team Dynamix

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    At Aldwych Consulting, we recognise the pivotal role that effective management plays in the growth and success of any organisation. Our programme focuses on empowering your management teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their leadership abilities, drive employee performance, and foster collaborative and effective teams.​

    • Leadership

    • Managing Performance

    • Delegation

    • Coaching

    • Building Effective Teams

    • Time Management

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