​Top  5 Reasons why Companies use Recruitment Consultancies 


​Top 5 Reasons why Companies use Recruitment Consultancies 

Posted on 16 May 2022

Top 5 Reasons why Companies use Recruitment Consultancies


Choosing a reputable and experienced recruitment consultant in your field can offer a host of benefits. A good recruitment consultant can be worth their weight in gold in helping grow and support your business.


1. Branding/Marketing


Free branding and marketing support is one of the many positive effects of working with a reputable recruitment consultancy. The recruiter should know all the reasons why your company is amazing, what it’s like to work there, the culture, the benefits and the opportunities. This is one of the factors which will attract candidates to interview with you or accept your job offer should you make one.  


2. Access to the Best Candidates 


By using a reputable recruitment consultancy you’re statistically more likely to access the best candidates in the market (both active and passive). People who are actively looking for new positions are more likely to register with a reputable recruitment consultancy, or your recruitment consultant will know people they could specifically approach about your role. Your vacancies will rank highly in candidates’ job searches as we position them on a range of job boards as well as using an array of other marketing methods. Experienced recruiters will also be constantly getting referrals from placed candidates or from their network of connections. 


3. Time & Cost Efficient 


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find and hire great talent as there are numerous steps to take before adding a new name tag to the office. The processes of sourcing, identifying potential talents to filtering the responses, interviewing and in the end hiring, is extremely time consuming. Saving time in the recruitment process is always a benefit when hiring, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of the organisation, saving you money in the long term too! 


4. Expertise  


Sometimes, your requirements might be very specific. You need an expert who understands the candidates in your niche and has a network of them to call upon. By using a recruitment consultancy, only candidates who are qualified/potentially suitable for the role will be shortlisted for the position.  

Recruitment consultants are experts at screening, filtering, and profiling candidates. Your in-house team might not have the same level of expertise.  This leads to time and cost efficiencies in the long run.   



5. Expert Sector Knowledge & Salary Benchmarking 


If you need an expert opinion and knowledge on current recruitment and employment issues, trends, market information or advice on salary benchmarking, you should make the recruitment consultancy your first ‘port-of-call’. Your recruitment consultant will normally happily provide this information for free. They can also give you accurate market rate information using salary data and local market knowledge. 

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