Top 10 tips for clients for video interviews.


Top 10 tips for clients for video interviews.

Posted on 12 July 2021

Top 10 tips for clients for video interviews.

We’ve seen the demand for experienced candidates increase for many of our clients, so companies are under more pressure to sell their opportunities to candidates above their competitors.

Setting the right tone at the first interview stage is crucial to making your company stand out above your competitors. Despite Covid restrictions finally easing, we believe that virtual interviews will continue for the foreseeable future and become common practice so, here are our top 10 tips for clients on nailing video interviews!

1.    Choose your backdrop carefully.

Your backdrop has the potential to tell a candidate a lot about your company. Are you an informal, family-feel business or are you careful to reflect your professional, corporate culture? Consider carefully what you want them to see in virtual interviews. 

2.    Have everything to hand.

It is important to have what you need to hand to ensure a smooth interview. Getting up to grab things or searching through your emails for their CV once the interview has begun is not ideal. Ideally, have the CV printed or up on your screen and any other interview questions within your reach.

Also ensure you have the candidate’s mobile number to hand should your tech fail. 

3.    Avoid panel interviews.

Where possible try to avoid having too many people on a call. Too many people can have a negative impact on the flow and quality of a conversation and it can become very off putting for interviewees to try to navigate who they should be looking at and addressing at any given time.

4.    Set the Tone.

Set the tone in your interview by positioning yourself well, maintaining eye contact and sitting up straight. Body language is even more important in video interviews and engaging with the interviewee.

5.    Emphasize Culture.

Currently, it is unlikely that all candidates are in a position to visit the office for an interview – especially for first interviews. Therefore, it’s especially tricky for them to get a feel for your company culture. It’s your place to thoroughly explain it in the virtual interview and how you have maintained good team culture throughout 2020.

6. Be understanding.

Although pretty much everything has moved online in the past 18 months, some candidates may have next to no experience of interviewing virtually. It can be a daunting thing to sell yourself and your achievements through a screen for some people so it’s important to take this into account when assessing the interview.

7. Find a structure that works for you.

From questions and setting, to format and tech, find a consistent way of conducting these interviews. With consistency you’ll find the interviews become slicker and more professional, as well as easier to assess and compare.

8. Build rapport.

Try not to jump straight into serious questions too quickly. Video interviewing can be unsettling for candidates, so building rapport with some casual conversation is vital. Warm them up and you’re more likely to see the real person.

9. Reassure candidates about Covid measures.

Candidates are extremely conscious of what firms are doing to make them safe. Show that you’re embracing agile working, technology, virtual training and buddy systems. Make it clear that you care about their health first and foremost.

10.  Give the interview a conclusive finish.

It is important to end the interview by letting the candidate know what the next steps will be. This could be that you will discuss your feedback internally over the next few days, or you would like to set up a further interview and will be in touch later in the week. Candidates are much more likely to feel positive about a client or company when there is an action agreed at the end of the interview. It leaves them feeling like they know what to expect and when to expect it.

For more information on interview tips please contact a consultant at Aldwych Consulting directly and we will send your our client preparation guide for conducting interviews.


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