​Top 10 Tips for Candidates for Virtual Interviews


​Top 10 Tips for Candidates for Virtual Interviews

Posted on 24 May 2021

Author – Niamh Finnegan – Associate Director

Will virtual interviews become the new normal? I think so!

It is no surprise that in March 2020 the world had to quickly adapt to new digital ways. The past year has seen office culture and workplace practice shift in a drastic way. Virtual methods of communication are now commonplace where they may not have been utilised much before.

With many businesses expected to continue remote working in the future, it is highly likely that virtual interviews and recruitment will also continue. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you prepare adequately for online meetings.

These are our Top Ten Tips for candidates to prepare for virtual interviews and ensure maximum success!

1       Test your technology!

It is so important to prepare your space and arrange your set-up prior to your interview. Try to find a quiet space where you can sit and talk undisturbed. Always ensure your camera and microphone are working without disruption before starting your interview – maybe test this out with your recruitment consultant, friend or family member.

2       Use the right equipment.

With so many devices at our disposal these days, it’s easy to conduct an interview from a phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop. We recommend using a laptop or desktop where you can. This ensures your device is stable and on a hard, flat surface. This ensures a better experience for both the interviewer and interviewee. Avoid holding your device!

3       Familiarise yourself with virtual meeting platforms.

Following the boom of virtual meeting platforms, it’s important you’re familiar with what you’re using. Ensure that you know what platform you are using, whether you need to download this prior to the meeting and whether your device is compatible with the App. The most popular apps are Zoom, MS teams, Google Hangout and Chime.

4       Set the scene.

Ensure you place yourself in a room with lots of light and ideally as neutral a background as possible. You want to eliminate any potential distractions from your background that could disturb the interviewer.

5       Turn off notifications.

Unless urgent, mute or turn off unnecessary notifications that may distract you in the interview.

6       Dress to impress.

Although you are in the comfort of your own home and might be used to lounging around in comfy clothes or pyjamas.. it’s very important to dress up for your interview and look professional. We recommend you dress as you would if you were attending a face-to-face interview.

7       Mind your body language.

Whilst attending a virtual interview from the comfort of your own home can make you feel more confident it can also make you feel more relaxed. Be sure to constantly maintain a good posture and be aware of your body language. Maintain focus and posture when you’re not the one speaking.

8       Practice, don’t memorise!

Ensure your preparation is completed ahead of time so you are not reading information from the screen like a script. The beauty of online interviews is that you can have as many visual aids in front of you without the interviewer knowing! It’s important to use these as a guide and not as a script as mentioned above – this can become distracting and off-putting for the interviewer.

We recommend that you have your CV open on your screen or printed in front of you alongside a copy of the job description for the role you are interviewing for, the company website open on screen and any other interview preparation guides you have to hand.

9       Take notes!

Taking notes in an interview is always advised – it shows enthusiasm and professionalism. We recommend taking notes on an external device from what you are conducting the meeting on or on pen and paper! Typing notes on the device from which you are interviewing through can be loud and distracting for the interviewer.

10    Build a connection.

Try not to jump straight into the serious parts of an interview. Take time for small talk, ask how they are, how they find working from home (if they are), how their day has been etc. Casual conversation is vital for building rapport and relaxing both parties before the technical side of the interview begins.

Building a connection will help make a lasting impression to get you closer to securing a great new role!






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