​Why Should a Job Seeker Use a Recruitment Consultancy?


​Why Should a Job Seeker Use a Recruitment Consultancy?

Posted on 28 April 2021

Why Should a Job Seeker Use A Recruitment Consultancy?

Author - Sam Davis - Divisional Director

This is a no brainer, if you pick your recruitment consultant carefully. A good recruitment consultant is worth their weight in gold. The service is free to job seekers and they may just find you your dream opportunity, without you having to do any legwork.

Many jobs don’t even get advertised
Often firms with long standing relationships with a recruitment consultant will tell them to always contact them if they have someone particularly good that they can recommend. Sometimes they create a role if the timing is right, or they might only recruit on a recommendation basis. You have nothing to lose by registering with a good recruitment consultant. The worst thing that happens is they may not find you anything.

Choose your Recruitment Consultant carefully
There are many, many agents out there and many are not reputable or experienced. Check their profile on Linked In. Recruitment is an easy field to get into, but not easy to stay in longer term. Check their longevity with their company and their role and check their reviews. You want to find one who is an expert in their field, with a strong reputation and therefore excellent market knowledge and client relationships.

They can open doors and provide new connections
A good recruiter may come up with companies or roles you don’t know about that might be great for you or be able to get you in the door for an interview with firms that you do know of that appeal to you. Their relationship with their clients is built on knowledge and trust. Your CV is far less likely to get lost in the ether or sit with the HR department for weeks and weeks on end. They normally have Director’s mobiles and can market you in personally with firms that fit your criteria. It is surprisingly common for us make placements with companies that a candidate sent a CV off to ages ago but never heard back.

Don’t register with multiple agencies. It won’t look good if companies are receiving many calls from many different sources about you. This makes you look desperate and makes your recruitment consultant’s job far harder to make you look good.

They will provide you with valuable advice
A good recruitment consultant will help you with your CV, advise if they think it needs amending and if so how. They know what is more likely to appeal to an employer. They can advise you on interview technique and etiquette, give you market advice and “inside info” about the company and people you will be seeing at interview .They will be able to give you information on market trends, current market salary rates and assist you with the process and decision making. After all, they spend all day talking to others in your field, both employers and job seekers. They will be able to chase things up and push things along where needed and assist with any queries.

A recruiter can help you with the salary side of things, and certainly how to approach/discuss this at interview and will advise you of current market rates. The reality is that often we do not have that much control over what a company will agree to pay you when they offer you a role, as it is up them to decide what they feel you are worth to them, but we help where we can. It is not in our interest to assist you to gain a lower salary than you are worth. We get paid by the company on a percentage fee linked to the salary the candidate obtains (the fee does not come out of your salary).This means that the more money you get, the more money we get. We help and advise where we can of course. We also advise the clients about market rates as well. If they underpay you, it is likely you would leave quite soon, and we would certainly point that out to them.

Assisting you with the entire recruitment process saving you time and giving you peace of mind
We help you with the job offer stage, questions, contractual queries, and the resignation process. We support you the whole way through, including an aftercare service.

Aldwych Consulting offer companies their money back in full if the placement does not work out for the first month and on a sliding refund scale thereafter. This provides a bit of reassurance for both companies and job seekers that it is not in our interest to push someone into a job that we know is not right for them, as if they leave quickly we have to refund our fees. Our aim is to make long term matches and uphold our excellent reputation.





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